MDEG Co., Ltd., founded by senior engineers who have at least 17 years of in service experiences in MPT Operator (Myanma Post and Telecom). As technology improves, more and more companies and organizations are getting fiber optic cables. Not only will you save money over copper wires, but they’re also easier to install and take up less space. No matter your organization, Fiber Optic Cabling is pretty much essential.

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best projects
  • Survey & Design
  • Aerial Fiber Cable Installation
  • Underground Fiber Cable Laying
  • Micro-duct Laying & Cable Blowing
  • HDPE Pipe Laying & Cable Installation
  • Splicing & Testing
  • Termination & Equipment Installation
  • Fiber Cable Maintenance
  • FTTH Network
  • GPON Service
  • OSP Services
  • Survey & Design
  • Civil Works
  • Aerial Copper Cable Installation
  • Underground Copper Cable Laying
  • Jointing , Termination & Testing
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Copper Cable Maintenance
  • Migration
  • Renovation
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