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MDEG Co., Ltd., founded by senior engineers who have at least 17 years of in service experiences in MPT Operator (Myanma Post and Telecom).As technology improves, more and more companies and organizations are getting fiber optic cables. Not only will you save money over copper wires, but they’re also easier to install and take up less space. No matter your organization, Fiber Optic Cabling is pretty much essential. Whether you are with the government, a business, or if you’re in education, Fiber Optic Cabling is what you need to secure a fast and safe operation. There is no company better suited to help you than MDEG, we self-perform most all work ourselves however should the need arise for additional support we only partner with the best subcontractors in the business because we want to be sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Fiber Optic Cabling will improve business whether you have a government facility, a business or an education building. At MDEG we specialize in installation, splicing and testing fiber optic cabling.

To be the integrated outside plants service provider company.To serve the needs of our customer and provide the best services to our customer.

To maintain the best position in outside plants network field.

To be a well known and reputable company.

To enrich our experience outside plants network field.

Working at Height Safety Certificates

Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor Certificates

Working at Height & Pole Climbing Safety Certificates

Electrical Safety Awareness Course Certificates