Blown Fibre & Ducted Network Solutions

FibreFlow the optimal FttX Solution

Key benefits of Emtelle’s FibreFlow FttX solution

  • Enhanced design flexibility
  • Improved network scalability and reliability
  • Reduced CapEx and OpEx for investor / operator
  • More lucrative return-on-investment potential
  • Range of innovative pre-installed and pre-fitted components
  • Quicker and less intrusive network modification / maintenance

Product Download

Emtelle FibreFlow 2019 BROCHURE

Emtelle Blown Fibre Push-Fit Connectors

Emtelle 50mm I-Branch Closure

Emtelle Blown Compact Mini Cable 24-96f

Blown Fibre Generic Specification (DB Metal-free 14mm)

FibreFlow Blown Fibre Micro and Mini Cable

FibreFlow Tube Bundle

Direct Bury metal free (DBmf) - Thickwall

Direct Bury (DB) - with foil

Direct Bury metal free (DBmf) – Traditional

Direct Install metal free (DImf)

Direct Bury Termite Resistant (DBT)

Universal Drop Tube

Aerial Metal Free / GRP

Tight Protected Microduct

FibreFlow Vertex

Microduct Connectors

Straight connectors

Direct Bury Straight connectors


End Cap

Direct Bury End Cap


Gas Block Connectors

Protected Connectors

Duct Sealing